World Mission International Bible College-University of Jerusalem              

  Program for the Diploma in Ministerial Excellence 

You study at home with our books at your own pace and take exams at the end of each course and prepare for ordination and licensing 

11st semester courses

1. Old Testament Survey

2. Dispensational Truth

3. Homiletics

4. Hermeneutics

5. Angelology

6. Church administration

7. Tithes

8. The Prophetic ministry

9. Spiritual Gifts

10. Typology




22nd semester courses

1. The Tabernacle

2. Biblical covenants

3. Christian Marriage

4. Pastoral Ministry

5. Paul’s missionary journeys

6. The book of Romans

7. The book of Hebrews

8. The book of Revelation

9. The book of Daniel

10. New Testament Survey

11. Major Doctrines of the Bibles

12. Foreign missions


33rd semester courses

1. Christology

2. Pneumatology

3. Worship

4. Youth Ministry

5. Pastoral counseling

6. Personal Evangelist

7. Church planting

8. Eschatology and deception

9. Effective communication skills

10. Ministerial departments and church organization

11. Dream and visions/ hearing from God

12. Practical Ministry  

Field studies –one month internship

4th semester courses

1. 1 & 2 Corinthians

2. Pastoral Psychology

3. Church history

4. World Religions

5. The church

6. Anthropology

7. Bible Geography

8. Pastoral duties and church ordinances

9. Galatians

10. Water Baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit

11. Prayer and fasting

12. Foreign missions  



World Mission Int Bible College-University of Jerusalem.   

Bachelors in Ministry and prophetic studies courses

You study at home with our books at your own pace and take exams at the end of each course 

1st semester courses

1. Discovering Theology     

2. God Make Himself Known

3. Interpreting The Bible                 

4.The Trinity                            

5. Introducing The God Of The Bible

6. The Sovereignty Of God

7. Human Responsibility

8. The Glory Of God

9. The Name Of God

10. The Law Of God

11. The Covenant Of God

12. The Resurrection Of Jesus

13. The Atonement

14. The Ascension Of Jesus

15. The Priesthood Of Jesus

16. Man Sin Salvation

17. The Believers Position In Christ

18. Justification By Faith      

2nd  semester courses

1. The Grace Of Total Forgiveness

2. The Holy Spirit

3. The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

4. The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

5. What Is Spirituality?

6. Introducing Ecclesiology

6.  The Worship Of God

7. The Lord’s Supper

8. Our Responsibility To The Lost

10. The Priesthood Of All Believers

11. Angels: Their Purpose And Existence Today

12. The Devil

13. Spiritual Warfare

14. The Christian Lifestyle

15. Bearing The Cross

16. What Happened To Holiness?

17. The Fear Of God

18. Intercessory Prayer

19. Prayer And Fasting

20. Letting God Love Us

21. Rising With Jesus The Resurrection Power.  

3rd semester courses

1. How To Overcome Self-Righteousness

2. Apostasy And Backsliding

3. Suffering

4. Eschatology

5. The Judgment Seat Of Christ

6. Reward In Heaven

7. What Happens To The Lost?

8. The Old And The New Covenant

9. Biblical Leadership

10. Church Growth Principles

11. Missions And Missionary Training

12. The Calling And Lifestyle Of The Prophet

Field studies –one month internship

4th semester courses

1. How To Understand The Old Testament

2. How To Understand The New Testament

3. The Inclusive Bible

4. Openness To God’s Word

5. The Stigma Of The Trinitarian God

6. The Unknown And Forgotten God

7. The Manifestation Of God’s Glory

8. The Rewarding God

9. The Patience Of God

10. The Wisdom Of God

11. The Jealousy Of God

12. The Gift Of Discerning Of Spirits

13. The Truth About Predestination

14. The Truth About Free Will

15. The Kingdom Of Heaven

16. Baptism  


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