Volunteer Missionaries needed, as Bible college administrator, Spirit filled lecturers, nurse, etc. 

2018 school year begins January 22nd. 

Do you hunger for a deeper understanding of the word of God?

Do you desire to take your calling and ministry to a new and exciting level?

Do you have a call of God on your life and don't know what to do next?

Do you desire to minister globally with total confidence?

Then World Mission Int Bible College is the right place for you.

Classes  begins   January 22nd 2018

Two years program
(Days of classes; Monday – Friday)
Clock hours; 8am to 2pm daily, for morning students
4pm -8pm for evening students

Table of Content


For all inquiries call or write to:

World Mission Int Bible College, P.O. Box 250 Buea SWR Cameroon

Dr Agbor B Etta, Email: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com

Tel: +12406969961  {whatsapp}

Tel: +237677408063 

www.schoolofprophet.com/ world mission Int Bible Collegehttp://schoolofprophet.com/world-mission-int-school-of-ministry-buea-cameroon.php

 2017 school session begins in September 11th  2017, for application forms and information regarding fees and accommodations 

 call: +12406969961 or +237677531001 / +237670436815

Email: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com

There are fifty spaces available for international students and for those who desire accommodation at the center. email: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com

Dr Agbor B. Etta, International President.


1. Our Mission    

World Mission International Bible College is dedicated is to raise up competent, spirit filled servant leaders, operating in the five fold ministry, that will make significant difference beginning from their community. Our goal is to build people who will build broken lives and restore the glory of God. Our training program will assist to ensure growth in Biblical Competence, Spiritual transformation and Ministerial excellence; with special emphasis on the authority of Scripture, authentic Christian Living and World Evangelism and missions.

2. Our campuses

Our Cameroon campus is in Buea, SWR-Cameroon, and do intend to build up many more campuses in other countries as the Lord enables. Email for Cameroon campus: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com Website: www.schoolofprophet.com Tel: +12028179228/ +237677531001


  1. We believe in God the Father, Infinite, Personal, Holy and Just. Jn 6:27, Gal 1:1.
  2. We believe in God as the Creator and the Sustainer of the Universe. Gen 1:1, Jn1:1-3.
  3. We believe in Jesus Christ, the unique God-Man; the mediator and only Savior of mankind. Mt 1:23, I Jn 4:3, Heb 12:24.
  4. We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and in his incarnation. Isa 7:14, Mt 1:20-21
  5. We believe in the expiatory death of Jesus Christ on the cross, His burial, in His bodily resurrection from the death and his bodily ascension to heaven. Mat 27:35, 1 Cor 15:3-4, Acts 1:9-11.
  6. We believe in the Holy Spirit, by whose grace sinners are convicted and brought into the fellowship of Jesus Christ through repentance and regeneration. Jn 16:7-8, 13-14.
  7. We believe in the trinity, one God in three persons; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Matt 28:19, 1Jn 5:7.
  8. We believe in water baptism by immersion for all who receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Mark 16:17; Acts 2:4; Acts 10:45-47. Acts 19:6.
  9. We believe that all men are sinners and that salvation and eternal life comes only through a personal faith in Jesus Christ the Only Son of God; the only mediator between God and men. Mk 16:15-16. Rom 3:23-26. Rom 6:23
  10. We believe in the bodily resurrection of all true believer. John 5:28-29; Lk 24:39; Philippians 3:20-21
  11. We believe in the rapture of the church, the body of Christ, the universal body of Christ. 1Thes 4:17, 1 Cor 15:51-53. Matt 24:38-42.
  12. We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, His personal return to Earth for the millennial reign after the time of the great tribulation. Acts 1;11, 2 Thes 2;1-4.
  13. We believe that all men will stand before God for judgment and we believe that all the children of God will be rewarded for their works of faith. 2 Cor 5:10. Heb 9:27.
  14. We believe in hell for the unsaved and heaven for the children of God. Rev 20:15. Rev 21:8. Jn 14:1-3.Lk 10:20.
  15. We believe in the absolute authority of the whole Scriptures (The Old and The New Testaments) as the only written word of God. 2 Tim 3:16-17, 2 Pet 1:20-21.
  16. We believe that the main task of the Church is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all creation for the salvation of those who believes. Matt 28:19-20. Mk 16:15-16.
  17. We believe that the Church should be concerned with the spiritual, physical and social needs of the people to express the love and mercy of God to mankind. Matt 25: 34-40
  18. We believe that all men and women are created in God’s image and likeness and that Adam and Eve through disobedience brought mankind under the bondage of sin and death. Gen 1:26-27.
  19. We believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God, came as the second Adam, and through death on the cross, He restored to all who world believe in Him all that the first Adam lost. 1 Cor 15:22, 45. Gal 3:13-14.
  20. We believe that through the precious and sinless blood of Jesus Christ, we are redeemed from the power of sin and death and have abundant and eternal life in Christ Jesus. 1 Pet 1:18-19, Heb 9:12, Ephe 1:7.
  21. We believe in spiritual authority, God’s leadership through his called and anointed servant leaders. Mat 10:1.Heb 13:7, Heb 13:17.
  22. We believe that marriage should be honored, one man and one woman united in holy matrimony. Heb 13:4.  Gen 2: 24. Matt 19:6.
  23. We believe in the five fold ministries, {Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers} for the edification of the church, the body of Christ. Ephe 4:11-13. 1 Cor 12:28
  24. We believe in the Holy Communion, {breaking of break} as we do remember the Lord’s death and resurrection. Acts 2:42. 1 Cor 10:16.
  25. We believe that if any man is in Christ, he or she is a new creation. The old way of sinful life must be overcome through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 5:17. Rom 6:4.
  26. We believe that in Christ we are a holy family, united by the covenant of the blood of Jesus Christ and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Ephe 3:14-16, 1 Pet 2:9.
  27. We believe in church discipline. Immoral and wicked conducts can not be accepted within the body of Christ. 1 Cor 5:9-13.
  28. We believe that our Government officials are God ordained and we should be law abiding as good citizens and God fearing. Rom 13:1.
  29. We believe in excellence in conduct and business. We believe that we should set the standard for the world around us to follow.  Matt 5:13-14. 1 Cor 14:40.
  30. We believe that through our unity, oneness and faith, there is nothing too hard to accomplish for the kingdom of God. Matt 18:19.
  31. We believe that every believer should tithe, {Tithe is 10% of all income} for a financial covenant with God. Mal 3:8-12, Gen 14:18-21, Lev 27:30,  Deut 14:28

4. You are warmly welcome

It is my distinguish pleasure to introduce to you the World Mission International Bible College, Buea - Cameroon and with the international office located in Maryland, USA. This centre provides the entire curriculum for the courses. All transcript and documentations are transmitted to United States for the insurance of the appropriate degrees earned by the student.
We do offer two years advance diploma courses, {associate degree program} on campus and online programs for BA and MA degrees, where you study at your own pace. World Mission International Bible College, Buea- Cameroon; is the place where lives and transformed, empowered and set ablaze by the Holy Spirit for effective and productive world-wide ministry.
Today all over the world men and women are sincerely seeking for truth and reality and so many are seeking in many wrong ways. You as a student of the word of God can bring the light of the word of God to hungering men and women, beginning from your community. Make the determination today to equip yourself for the task God has called you to.
Bishop Agbor B Etta. PhD. International President {WMIBC}

5. Dear seminarians

I believe the bible is what it claims to be, the inspired Word of God and that Jesus Christ is who the Bible declares him to be, the Lord of the universe and the Saviour of all who place their faith in Him.
We live today in a rapidly changing, complex world. While mankind’s needs remain the same, the socio cultural and spiritual environment is constantly changing as we see the day of the Lord approaching. There is a great need for strategic ministerial training that is different from the traditional approach but one that is relevant to the challenges in our 21st century and beyond.
 “World Mission International Bible College”,  Cameroon; is dedicated to ministerial training that is aimed at raising ministers of God that are current and relevant to address the current crisis in our world today with Spiritual perspective in the power of the Holy Spirit.
 My prayer is that you respond to the call of God while there is time and come and be set ablaze to fulfil your God given mission.
God bless you as you seek to please Him.
Rev Etta Estella
Associate International president. {WMIBC}

 6. Courses

We have carefully and prayerfully developed sound biblical courses which are aimed at providing you with the best opportunity for successful study, to lead you to successful and productive ministerial life by the grace of God.
Each year students are elected as EXCO member who represent the whole student community and run the WMIBC affairs and outreaches and assist with student affairs while on campus.


World Mission International Bible College – Cameroon is thoroughly Spirit filled academic, vocational Bible College that is armed at raising anointed and gifted, servant leaders that will make significant difference and create greater impact to this generation and beyond. Our courses are Christ centered and are design to meet the intellectual demand of our students, to enhance their effectiveness in the Ministry.
Here at WMIBC we maintain the philosophy of education begins with the Christian faith which centers in God as revealed in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and as witness in the Holy Scriptures by the Holy Spirit. In fact this personal revelation of God in Jesus Christ brings the influence that shapes the thinking procession and sharpens decision making skills.
Here at WMIBC, Our students will expand their values, explore new ideas and learn valuable lessons through classroom instruction and student activities and international missions programs. Our staff is Spirit filled, biblical educators from various works of lives and dedicated to imparting and sacrificially pouring out all that they have to train, mentor, be available to listen and to assist with all academic needs.


World Mission Int, Bible College, is accredited with the {University of Jerusalem. Registration # 8638}

Accredited by World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christina Educational Institute, Richmond, VA, USA. Accredited by “Great Commission” Accreditation International, Netherlands, Europe. Accredited by Revival Ministries, (ABC Apostolic Bible Center) Australia. Accredited by International Council of Evangelical Theological Accreditation Inc., Louisiana USA. Accredited with International Board of African Ministries (IBAM), South Africa}   World Mission Int, Bible College is a ministry of: World Mission Int Worship Center  Maryland: Department ID: D13130638 In 1984 Dr Agbor B Etta accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and personal Savior in a small town in South West Region of Cameroon. After two years of serving actively in the local church, he then enrolled into the Full Gospel Bible Institute in Bamenda, NWR Cameroon. He continued studying along side pastoral duties and graduated from the Pan-African Institute for development, Buea specialized on Training of trainers program and crises management. He is a graduate from the Advance leadership school Ibadon- Ngieria; graduate from the Nations University, Louisiana, USA with MA in Ministry and graduate from CICA- International University and seminary, with dual PhD in Philosophy and Theology. Now serving as the founder and international president of the World Mission Int, Bible College-University of Jerusalem.


The World Mission International Bible College, Buea - Cameroon is to prepare men and women for ministry as godly, anointed, and effective servant-leaders with a world mission mindset. We do this by blending Biblical instructions with efficient training in ministry and communication skills. When you graduate you will be ready to effectively fulfil your ministerial calling in the area of your specialty, as well as disciple other believers and equip them to effective Christian ministry.


1. To know the Risen Lord and to make him known
2. Raising up anointed and gifted servants leaders, who can hear God’s voice and fulfil God’s will.
3. To equip men and women to minister the word of God with divine backing.
4. To raise up men and women commissioned to Heal broken hearts, give hope and to save souls
    through love.
5. To raise up ministers to fulfil their ministry-
    A. In the market place
    B. In the local church as effective workers
    C. In part-time ministry
    D. In full- time ministry
The World Mission International Bible College, Cameroon is an institution which has been developed to place major emphasis upon helping individuals to develop their God-given Ministry Potentials. Our goal is not only academic, but spiritual development in the image and nature of Christ. We have built our curriculum around four major learning streams.
A-Bible             B- Character        C- Ministry      D- Faith
The programme offered by the World Mission International Bible College- Cameroon, are designed to be rich in three distinct things; Special contents, Biblical studies and Ministry Training. This are intended to equip individuals in the following areas.
A. Shepherds       B. Warriors      C. Workers    D. Pioneers       E. Missionaries
F. Building people who build the nation.


We have carefully selected dedicated and proficient spirit filled highly trained and anointed professors with great ministerial experiences from several nations. and i know that each student will be highly impacted through the teaching and mentorship of these men and women of God.            
We are non governmental, non profit, religious educational institution offering training for both vocational Christian Service and Ministry. Our curriculum and academic community life are designed to prepare college graduates for church or Para-church Ministry with a global, world mission perspective.
Our flexible programme provides an effective bridge between secular education and vocational or lay ministry while our unique programme builds on the specialised preparation of Bible College or equivalent undergraduates study Programme is designed to meet the focused needs of persons involved in the Ministry.


The admission requirement for Diploma and Degree programmes include; the candidate for admission must be at least 15yrs and above and fluent in English. Our courses will be in English.
NB: We do admit both national and international students and have dormitories available at the campus for qualified applicants.              
International student’s office: Dr Agbor B Etta, 10407A 46th Ave # 202 Beltsville MD 20705, USA
Cameroon office: World Mission International Bible College, P.O. Box 250 Buea, SWR Cameroon.
Or visit the World Mission office situated at street 3 Tiko, call: +237677531001.
b. Admission requirements
1. Carefully completed the application forms and the recommendations.
2. Medical certificates
3. Photocopies of academic credentials if any
4. Three to five hundred words essay about your conversion, call to ministry and office held in your local church or ministry and why you choose to attend WMIBC
5. Two passport size photos


Teaching is done through lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussions and field work, etc.
Examination is conducted at the end of every course work. In addition to the course work, students performance is continuously assessed throughout the semester by means of test, assignment and term papers, performance by course examination carries 70% while continues assessment carries 30% course credit system.
Teaching in the seminary campus is by course credit system. This is understood to mean a quantitative system or organisation of the curriculum in which subject areas are broken down into unit courses which are examinable, and for which students eared credit if passed.
Each student should be responsible to ensure that he is registered for the appropriate examination.
A candidate shall be in the examination room at least 5 minutes before the advertised time of the exams.
A candidate may be admitted up till 30 minutes after the commencement of an examination, but he shall not be allow extra time.
To pass a course unit the student must obtain a minimum score of 50 and above the grade must be made up of both the continuous assessment and the end of course exams.
  A student shall be recorded as having obtained, in a course, a level of achievements /grades as follows.
SCORE                              GRADE                        CREDIT POINT                        DESCRIPTION
90-100%                             A                                       5.00                              EXCELLENT
80-89%                               B                                       4.00                           VERY GOOD
70-79%                              C                                       3.00                                GOOD
60-69%                              D                                       2.00                                 FAIR
50-59 %                             E                                       1.00                               PASS
49% BELOW                      F                                       0.00                               FAIL
‘F’  is a fail grade,  a student shall be place on probation if the cumulative grade point average CGPA is less than 1.00.the student shall be ask to repeat if this cumulative point average is below 1’00 at the end of the first year.
 The following shall constitute examination malpractices.
  1. Bringing unauthorised materials  into an examination hall
  2. Giving assistance to candidate in answering a question or obtaining such assistance  during an exam
  3. Alteration of candidates answers script after an exam
  4. Having unauthorised pre knowledge of the question paper before the exam
  5. Impersonation, that is employing the service of another person to take an exam for the candidate, or gaining entry into an exam hall by using another person’s identity card, or any related materials.
  6. Any other action which falsifies the performance of a candidate in an examination hall
 Any student found guilty of any form proven examination malpractice shall be suspended from the seminary campus pending administrative decisions.



The final award of the class shall be based on the cumulative point Average obtain by each candidate in all prescribe courses. The final cumulative grade point average shall be calculated on the basic of the total number of all the course units registered for during the course of the student’s programme.


 Temporary suspension of student/studies
Withdrawal for health reason
Disciplinary withdrawal
Voluntary /unauthorised withdrawal
Withdrawal on grounds of poor performance
To remain as a student in IPSOM/WMIBC, one must obtain a cumulative grade average not below 1,00. Any students who earns a CGPA below 1.00, at the end of the year shall be place on probation .any student who earns a CGPA below 1.00, at the end of the probation shall be required to retake the courses in his/her own interest.


(Associates of Arts in Theology)
Two years programme
(Days of classes; Monday – Friday)
Clock hours; 8am to 2pm daily, for morning students
4pm -8pm for evening students

First year course work

First semester courses
  1. OT Survey
  2. Dispensational Truth
  3. Homiletics
  4. Hermeneutics
  5. Angelology
  6. Church administration
  7. Tithes
  8. The Prophetic ministry
  9. Synoptic Gospels
  10. Spiritual Gifts
  11. Typology
  12. Major and Minor Prophets
  13. English
  14. French
  15. Computer science and social Media
  16. Bible knowledge, OT Books {1}
Second semester Courses
  1. The Tabernacle
  2. Biblical covenants
  3. Christian Marriage
  4. Pastoral Ministry
  5. The Arts of the Apostles/ Paul missionary journeys
  6. The book of Romance
  7. The book of Hebrews
  8. The book of Revelation
  9. The book of Daniel
  10. New Testament Survey
  11. Major Doctrines of the Bibles
  12. Foreign missions
  13. English
  14. French
  15. Computer science and social Media
  16. Bible Knowledge, OT books {2}

Second year courses

First semester course work
  1. Christology
  2. Pneumatology
  3. Worship
  4. Youth Ministry
  5. Pastoral counseling
  6. Personal Evangelist
  7. Missions
  8. Church planting
  9. Eschatology and deception
  10. Effective communication skills
  11. Ministerial departments and church organization
  12. Dream and visions/ hearing from God
  13. Practical Ministry
  14. English
  15. French
  16. Computer science and social Media
  17. Bible knowledge, NT books {1}
 Second semester course work
  1. 1 & 2 Corinthians
  2. Pastoral Psychology
  3. Church history
  4. World Religions
  5. The church
  6. Anthropology
  7. Bible Geography
  8. Pastoral duties and church ordinances
  9. Galatians
  10. Water Baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  11. Prayer and fasting
  12. Radio and TV Ministry
  13. Foreign missions
  14. English
  15. French
  16. Computer science and social Media
  17. Bible knowledge, NT books {2}
Dr Bonnier Etta/ www.schoolofministry.com/ Email: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com


a. To be eligible in diploma in theology or associates of arts degree, students must fulfil the following conditions
  1. Completion of minimum of 90 credit hours
  2. A cumulative grade point average 2, 00 or higher in all work and 2, 50 or higher in the major.
  3. A grade of C or Better in all academic works.
  4. Student’s ministry and chapel attendance requirements
b. Fees
1. Registration Fess- 5.000 CFA {File, Student’s ID and Student’s handbook}
2. Tuition fees, 50.000 CFA first semester or 100.000 CFA 1st year fees
3. Dormitory fees: 60.000CFA one year {shared room, fees none negotiable}
4. Registration of alumni association, 1000CFA        
5. Graduation fees, 15.000CFA {Graduation robe and pictures}  
6. Students pay for their handouts and recommended text books.   
For all inquiries call or write to:
World Mission Int Bible College, P.O. Box 250 Buea SWR Cameroon
Dr Agbor B Etta, Email: wmibiblecollege@gmail.com
Tel: +12406969961/ +237677408063
www.schoolofprophet.com/ world mission Int Bible College

Contact us for application forms and genaral information.