World Mission Int Bible College-University of Jerusalem {WMIBC}  

School Rules and Regulations  

First day in school-Orientation:   



1. All students are expected to be respectful and courteous. Violent, threatening, humiliating, or abusive behavior or harassment of others is

also not tolerated.

2. Engaging in illegal activity while off campus can also affect a student's standing in the school.

3. A student may be dismissed for any of these activities.

4. Theft of property from the school or other students is grounds for immediate dismissal.

5. Students and staff work as a team to assist one another to reach excellence.

6. We strive to inspire this "team spirit" in every student and to benefit from the diverse approaches, broad spectrum of creativity, and talents

which different students and faculty bring to the learning process.  

7. We encourage each person to express his or her own individuality while at the same time respecting the needs, wishes, and interests of others.

8. The WMIBC strives to produce graduates with excellent ethics, character, and communication skills as well as achieving excellence in the

understanding and practice of the Bible for ministry.

9. No form of immorality is permitted while you are admitted at the WMIBC, students will be dismissed for any form of immoral or sexual

relations outside of legal marriage .    

10. ATTENDANCE, MISSED CLASSES, AND LATENESS:   Students may not miss more than 7 days in one semester.

11. A student that is late by more than 15 minutes will have to stay back in class for 15 minutes after normal classes to work in the school.

12. For lateness of 1 hour or more, then amount of missed classroom time assigned to the student is one hour.  

13. LEAVE OF ABSENCE:   A student must complete the 4 semesters of course work within 3 years maximum.

14. Students may take a leave of absence and still graduate as long as all requirements of all 4 semesters are fulfilled within a 3 year period.

15. In cases of emergencies and family problems, a student may be granted a leave of absence for a reasonable amount of time as

determined by the Director of Education.

16. A request for a leave of absence must be in writing and the date of expected return must be specified. If the student does not resume

within the specified time and does not notify the school, the student is considered as haven withdrawn from school.  

17. TERMINATION IN TRAINING AND REPEATING COURSE WORK:   A student who receives lower than a B grade on any exam may request

the opportunity to take a make-up examination.

18. Students are allowed to take a given examination only one additional time. If a student's average score on exams for a semester is less

than 70%, the student will not pass the semester, and must fulfill the requirements for that semester at a future time before being able to

proceed to the next semester.

19. PROBATION:   A student who does not adhere to the attendance policy will be placed on probation for 30 days.

20. If the student has not corrected the attendance problem within 30 days, the student will be counseled by the Director of Education, with a

possibility of termination.

21. No cell phones during classes. No eating in Class. No recording except by permission.

22. No duplication of handouts. No alcohol. No close relationship between opposite sex and suspicious relationships.

23. No courtships and marriage engagements between students during your period in school, that has to wait until your graduation. 

24. No form of business dealings between students and staff while you are a student at WMIBC.

25. No inappropriate relationships between students and staff, if found, both will be suspended from school. 

26. No female student should visit the male dormitories; the same applies to male students.

27. RE-ENTRY: A student whose attendance has been terminated and desires to re-enter the program, must notify the school and be

interviewed by the Director of Education; The Director of Education's decision is final. If the Director of Education approves, the student may

re-apply following the required admission procedures.  

28. Fees: Fees are paid before or on the first day of school. Dormitories fees are paid in full for one year before keys are handed to students.

29. Dress Code: As ministers of the Gospel, appropriate dressing should be our code of dressing. No seductive attires, modesty is appreciated.

30. Sanitation: No throwing of trash anywhere on campus and no sticking of chewing gums on chairs. We want an absolutely clean

environment and only use toilet rolls for the toilets, no other papers please.  

31. Our Motto: To know Him and to make Him known.

32. {While you are a student at the WMIBC, no distribution or sale of any materials, audio or visual, etc; that is not authorized by the

president of the WMIBC. No form of business is permitted among staff and students. 

You are welcome and the world is your platform in Jesus name.    

Dr Bonnie Etta- President/ WMIBC

                                      For more information write to: Bishop Agbor B Etta: Email: